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Repairs and Reminders


Repairs :  A reminder to all our awesome tenants: It is your responsibility and a condition of your rental agreement that you do report any repairs in writing asap, if there is an emergency repair call #503-723-7700 or after hours #503-957-7960. We want to know about any repair needed large or small, so we can address these as soon as possible.

Ventilation:  This is important in summer and winter !   When cooking or  taking showers run the fans ( the cost of running a fan is super cheap) and/or open a window to allow movement of air. This will help any moisture issues such as mold from ever becoming a problem, and a reminder that this is also a part of your rental agreement with Priority One Property Management.

Noise Level :  Please be considerate when playing music, turning television up loud, or having people over. If other tenants are hearing noise from your unit then you are being too loud. Please take care to  monitor the noise level in your unit.

Thank you !

Priority One Property Management

Pay Rent Online!

So we know we have sent you a few letters letting our tenants know that they can now pay rent online ! AND… we know you see the “Priority One Property Management” envelope come in the mail and you think to yourself…” sheesh, what’s up ?!” But this is a good thing ! We here at Priority One Property Management are super excited about some of the changes we have been making, and well we are just feeling pretty hip and cool about it all !!  The best thing for our tenants about paying online with an e-check is that it is FREE, so yeah who doesn’t like free , right??  Save on a stamp, envelope, late fee, and stop payment fee IF your rent check decides to skip out and go for a trip around the country without you!!  So, we really want to encourage all our awesome tenants to take a few minutes and sign up.  You can go to our website, click “pay rent online”, then “get started”. You send us your request for the activation link and we will get that back to you. Once you are signed up, you can pay online anywhere you have an internet connection.  You can also pay with a voucher and credit card for a small fee.

Call us anytime if we can help out or answer a question!  Make it a great day !